EQUAL Day 2019

Law and|or Civil Disobedience

Octobre 17, 2019 - Brussels - Flagey

Disobedience and its relationship to the law

This mode of action raises a significant number of fundamental questions that we would like to explore with you.

Is disobedience a right? And if it is, what place should it have? What place is there for the disobedient in the face of justice in a state governed by the rule of law?

Where do we draw the line between disobedience and insurrection, violence, or even revolt? Is civil disobedience just a means of taking action, or is it an end in itself?

Is this mode of action capable of convincing public opinion, of transcending society’s disagreements to express a common will?



  • Welcome


    Welcome and Registrations

    We look forward to welcome you from 12:30 onwards for the second edition of EQUAL Day focused on disobedience. If you haven’t registered online yet, don’t panic ... you can register at the entrance when you arrive.

    Flagey - Ground Lobby

  • Introduction


    Get started! Let’s get started!

    We shall start the day with some important concepts: basic principles, techniques used, historical and political context, links with the notion of rule of law, violent or peaceful, individual or collective civil disobedience, etc. With Thomas Deridder, Manuela Cadelli, Alain Eraly, Olivier Stein, Amaury Ghijselings and Stéphanie Demblon.

    Flagey - Studio 1

  • Workshop


    I disobey, you disobey ...

    Let’s be aware! QUINOA offers 2 simultaneous workshops on alter-globalisation, citizen mobilisations and direct non-violent action. Go to either of the two studios, it doesn’t matter which, as the activities will be the same. With Hélène Baquet and Pauline Forges.

    Flagey - Studios 2 & 3

  • Testimonies


    I act, I share ...

    For some, disobedience is a regular practice. Others experience it through the involvement of someone close to them, or an acquaintance. Still others observe it from a distance, are interested in it or want to practise it. Meet with Greenpeace, Brussels Airlines Stop Deportations, Extinction Rebellion, Groupe Anathème, Action non violente COP 21, Maison Blanche LLN, Flashmob Fiscal Justice and Génération Climat.

    Flagey - Studios 2 & 3

  • Workshops


    Let’s legislate ... or not!

    Is disobedience a fundamental right? Let’s explore law and disobedience together ... We offer two co-construction workshops: one to draft a legislative text to enshrine the right to disobedience, the other to draft a manifesto arguing that enshrining the right to disobedience is inappropriate and/or dangerous. Take your pick! Participate!

    Flagey - Studios 2 & 3

  • Reports


    Graphic and video reports

    Throughout the entire EQUAL DAY, a graphic report will be exhibited live on panels visible on the ground floor. With Jude Ith and Carolina Levicek. A video report will also be made by the Jumpcut teams.

    Flagey - Ground Floor

  • Closing Session


    Let's finsih up ... for the time being!

    So, what have we achieved during this day spent together? Was it useful and interesting to question law and disobedience? What shall we do with the results? How to continue exchanging and reflecting on this theme. Also, don’t leave your seat for the next session ...

    Flagey - Studio 1

  • Cinema


    "The Valley" by Nuno Escudeiro

    By welcoming refugees, the inhabitants of the Roya Valley in the Alpes-Maritimes broke the law. The documentary "The Valley" chronicles their resistance to the brutality of a policy that is limited to the expulsion of these migrants. “Volunteers from the Roya Citoyenne association became aware of the irregularities committed by the representatives of the state”.

    Flagey - Studio 1

  • Standing buffet


    Let's Party

    A homemade, healthy and sustainable meal will be provided by POP-POT. Brass band from Charleroi, Mononk’s Band, will guarantee a lively atmosphere that will get you moving and maybe more ... For a great end to the day!

    Flagey - Foyer 2

EQUAL Day 2019

Here are all sktech notes and videos made during the event. We hope to see you all again next year for Equal Day 2020!